Hot Stones & Funny Bones: Teens Helping Teens Cope with Stress & Anger


M5563 Hot Stones and Funny Bones is divided in three sections. “”Telling It Like It Is”” highlights problems and issues that nearly every teen faces in the middle- and high-school years, expressed in their own voices. The second section, “”The Best Way to Cope with Stress””, offers a host of coping skills and relaxation techniques for teens to utilize, ranging from ways to boost self-esteem and effective anger-management skills, to meditation and creative expression. The third section, “”Final Comments From Teens””, reveals opinions, lessons learned and advice to parents and teenagers about the struggles and triumphs of teen years. In addition, every chapter includes “”Thoughts, Reflections and Action Plans””, where teens can process what they’ve learned, using the information to make healthy behavioral changes. With all the stress and gamut of emotions in our hectic-and at times chaotic-world, this book will be a hit with teens trying to make sense of it all and stay sane at the same time. More than seventy-five teens from across the country were interviewed on a range of topics and issues: parents, friends, sports, clothes, school violence and peer pressure. With the passion and frustration expressed by teens in their narratives, as well as in their artwork and poetry, this book is a unique combination of original teen contributions and effective stress- and anger-management techniques from a mental-health professional. Most important, it was designed expressly for teens. (2002)

Author: Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D. with Linda K. Bartlett, M.A.
Additional Author: HCI Teens
ISBN: 978-0-7573-0036-3
Count: 1
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