Healing for the Attachment Challenged, Angry & Defiant Child


Dr. Post presents a new understanding of the root of the most challenging behaviors children display. Learn how trauma affects the development of the mind-body system and what parents and profesionals can do to help childrenachieve their greatest potential. Dr. Post, in his compassionate, yet no-nonsense approach that you have come to love, will encourage you to embrace new ideas and concepts that will totally revolutionize your view of challenging behaviors and your approach to promoting healing for children. A must have for any parent who is experiencing disharmony in their family or for any therpist working with attachment challenged children and their families. (Aprox. length 4 hours)

Author: Dr. B. Bryan Post, PhD, LCSW
Additional Author: Post Intitute for Family-Centered Therapy
ISBN: M7081
Count: 1
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