Effective Communication Skills


Communicating Well: A Key to Success in Work and in Life

Communicating is simply sending and receiving messages. Poor communication can affect your ability to get and keep a job. It can lead to confusion, business losses, missed appointments, and missed opportunities.

Learning to communicate well lets others understand your ideas and needs. Equally important, you can understand the messages others are sending to you.

Improve Your Ability to Speak, Write, and Share Ideas

“Effective Communication Skills” covers the basics of getting your message across in casual conversation or public speaking, in e-mails or letters, at work or with friends. Author Marsha Ludden covers the different ways people communicate:

* By speaking
* By listening
* By writing
* Through electronic media
* Via telephone
* With body language and expressions

Ludden provides specific life and work examples of each type of communication, as well as tips for improving your communication skills.

Tools and Quizzes to Sharpen Your Skills

“Effective Communication Skills” includes quizzes and practice exercises to help you sharpen your communication skills:

* In “Check It Out” exercises, readers can rehearse basic skills, from talking with new acquaintances to writing and sending e-mails and faxes.
* Vocabulary reviews reinforce key terms in each chapter.
* Sample conversations, letters, and phone messages show communication put to practical, real-life use.

The lessons in this book become building blocks for additional improvement. Mastering these skills will help others see you in a more positive way and build your self-confidence. (2002)

Author: Ludden, Marsha
Additional Author: JIST Works
ISBN: 1-56370-852-3
Count: 1
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