Building a Positive Self-Concept: 113 Activities for Adolescents


Created by experienced teachers and counselors of adolescent and newly updated with contemporary contexts, these 113 activities are designed to encourage student awareness of the relationship between how they perceive themselves and how they behave. Each easy-to-implement activity has been tested and proven effective in helping students take responsibility for their choices and enhance their self-esteem.

Student will utilize cooperative learning, reading, writting and communications skills as they explore perceptions of themselves and their surroundings. Activities focus on developing self-awareness, building a sense of community, enhancing self-concept, building life skills, and creating a climate of cooperation and trust in the classroom. Provided with each activity are learning objectives and step-by-step procedures for immediate implementation in the classroom.

Help your students develop the positive attitudes they need to be healthy, creative members of their communities!

Author: Majorie Jacobs, Blossom Turk, Elizabeth Horn
ISBN: 0-8251-2864-8
Count: 1
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