A Crucial Connection: Working Together to Address Teen Pregancy Among Youth


Girls in foster care are 2.5 times more likely to get pregnant than girls in general. Almost half of girls in foster care have been pregnant at least once by age 19 and nearly one-third have at least one child. The statistics speak for themselves. It is also the case that daughters of teen mothers are three times as likely to become teen mothers themselves compared to those born to adult parents. Moreover, children born to teen parents are significantly more likely than children born to adult parents to enter the foster care system. In order to make healthy decisions, young people need support from the adults in their lives. While each teen’s situation is unique, young people repeatedly express desire for open and honest discussions about sex, love, and relationships with foster parents, birth families, group homes staff, case workers, healthcare providers, teachers, and the faith community. The young adults and professionals in the DVD show how everyone has a role to play in preventing teen pregnancy.

Additional Author: The National Campaign
ISBN: F7120
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